Multicultural & Multi-industry High Impact Strategic Projects

Translation & Interpretation 

Executed a Strategic Research for the Global Contact Center and Language Service Providers Industries to support a staffing services company based in Mexico in its initiative to offer nearshore outsourcing services in the USA.

Last Mile Logistics

Created a multi-million USD of additional revenue for  a mayor Last Mile Logistics Business player in Mexico. Revamped the business portfolio, through the development of an international network of strategic partnerships, integrating innovations and groundbreaking ideas from High Tech and FinTech startups based in the USA, Europe and Latin America.

Global Strategic Partnerships

Allowed an international logistic player to expand its cross-border operations in LATAM with its customer base in China and the USA through the construction of a Partnership network conformed by the largest last mile logistics companies in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Perú. 

High Tech Startups

Executed a growth strategy for a cyber security startup based in Silicon Valley through new partnerships with Payments Solution Providers and FinTechs to introduce an MFA (Multifactor Authentication Management) solution for the banking and retail industry in the LATAM region that resulted in a multi million USD new business pipeline.